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40 for 40: The Remix

Have you ever heard the sentiment that our plans equals God's laughter? Put another way, sometimes the best made plans are just that...plans. Earlier this year when I relaunched the MillerIgnites.com site, I had every intention to complete the 40-for-40 series on leadership, life, and perspective. Somehow along the way the four letter word that no one can avoid - L.I.F.E - happened, and all of the time that I hoped would be available for the blog went away. Lots of great moments, long days at the office, career milestones (hey, moving a consulting company across the country is no small feat), and personal milestones have all happened since my last post and today.

With all that in mind, the 40-for-40 series will be completed by December 4, 2019 - my 41st birthday. Please check in occasionally because 2 to 3 posts will be added to the site each month. The road to 40 was one heck of a ride. I'm looking forward to sharing lessons of what I've learned along the way. I'm also excited to find and share more jewels with you along the road ahead.

Have a happy and safe holiday season! See you next post.