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Don't Survive... Thrive!

Today's 40for40 post is another quick mic check on leadership, people, and perhaps, life in general. Don't just survive the season... thrive while inside of it.

One lesson that I've learned throughout the career journey is that, sometimes you will enter rooms where important decisions are being made. When you look around, you may soon realize that despite their ages, YOU may be the only mature adult in the room. YIKES!

Leadership roles are just that, "roles" which were created with good intentions by stakeholders so that the intended outcomes of the company are met. While the roles may be well defined, purposeful, and created for the greater good of the organization; the people who often fill them may be the exact opposite. In groups where you find conflict and inefficiency, what you will usually find within it's core are unclear roles, top heavy "leadership", poor outcomes without accountability, and unfortunately no purpose... other than the maintenance of the "roles" or "titles" themselves. When these circumstances arrive, don't fall victim to the culture you may have inherited. While it may seem like a daunting task, you are actually in the PERFECT place to grow and lead... by example.

Never be afraid of people who are unethical. They will lie, cheat and steal to win. While I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of CBS' hit show, "Survivor" far too many people take the mantra of the contest, "to out-win, outplay, outlast" out of context and apply it to their professional and personal lives. Instead of competing with colleagues in the race towards mediocrity, maintain personal goals that always exceed the expectations of your role. What you will find when you do this is that you are not alone in your frustration and that many others, including the stakeholders who initially created the leadership roles which are now failing, are watching. In due time you will be recognized for your good work. That recognition will come in the form of the organization you're tied to changing, or you will be sought after by competitors. While the road may be uncomfortable and bumpy along the journey, the final destination is already set. You will either retire from your job or find another one. All you have to decide along the way is whether you will choose to survive...or thrive. #MicCheck #40for40

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