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No Test; No Testimony

Today's 40-for-40 post is short and sweet. Of all the words of wisdom I have been blessed to receive throughout my life, what I am sharing with you today is perhaps the most profound. "With no TEST, there is no TESTIMONY."

My wife and I recently relinquished our title as the last couple in America (perhaps Earth) to see the final Marvel Comics' Avengers movie. I won't spoil it if you have not seen it, but one of the beautiful features of the film is its demonstration of how life's ultimate tests and trials can lead to a tremendous testimony of perseverance that would not have been possible without the test. I often invoke the word "journey" in many of the posts within this series. This is because I've found it easier to overcome the rough stretches, and not become prisoners to past glory when you consider every "up" or "down" moment as just a small part of the "journey" that we are all on.

Standardized Tests

Take a moment and look back over your life up until now. I know this may be difficult for some of you due to scars you may have earned along the way, but be gentle with yourself and unpack some of those boxes stowed away deep in your memory. Close your eyes for a moment and think back to the "impossible" portions of your journey that caused you to hurt and cost you strain and resolve to overcome. Perhaps it was an addiction; maybe it was an unhealthy relationship with a partner or family member. Heck, you may have even been upset with God! Whatever it is, with your eyes closed and in imaginative contemplation, remember the scene at its worst moment. Think back to the feelings of inadequacy, pain, and despair for a moment. What stood out to you most? Could you ever imagine that you would have been able to make it through that severe TEST?

April Showers; May Flowers

Now, come back to today and take a few moments to survey all the beauty, perhaps hidden, that is around you.

I'm not talking about material things, but yes, you can feel free to take that into account as well. Were you once single but are now married? Were you once married to an abusive partner but are now free? Once, you may have lived in poverty, but today you are gainfully employed and are a provider for your family. Once, you may have been mocked, but now you encourage others due primarily to your "innate" ability to connect with others and see wounds that are invisible to many. The point here is simple, and I hope I have illustrated it well. Whomever you are today is a byproduct of what you have OVERCOME not what destroyed you! If it really would have destroyed you, you would not be here, alive, sane, and with new opportunities daily, to live, learn, laugh, grow, and enjoy this phenomenal ride we call life. #40for40 #Perspectives #OnMission

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